How to earn from Google adsense at Home

Are you bored of your JOB life and searching any alternative to earn handsome money then earn money using google, yes you can earn money by GOOGLE ADSENSE but it is not simple as it looks. It needs writing skills, strategy to bring traffic to website or blog, few coding knowledge, and touchy SEO information.

How Google Adsense engaged

Actually marketing to any business is needed badly for any owner, what if you want to bring your business online. Then you have to do advertisement of your business website or directly of your bushiness, for that you will need an advertiser who will publish your ads on a huge network. So Google is here, Google Adwords provide you the facility to make your business ads with several advertising features like targeting users from the specific country, etc. So how all this work and how the website or blog owner will get paid for this. OK, this is the question from the mouth of the every beginner online earner, no worry I will explain you everything in detail with examples.

For example, any business owner had published his business Ads on Google Adwords, let’s assume ALICIA LAUFER publish an advertisement for BUZZMYCODE website and that too for US users. Now Google needs space to display your advertisement and as you all know that Google is the search engine and it’s not possible to show a number of advertisement on search result page. Google will publish its customer ads on the website or blog which are approved by Google Adsense and after following Google Ads Algorithm the ad will be displayed on the website and blog. And if any interested user for that business clicks on that ad then the owner of that website or blog will get some percentage of the amount that client pay to Google Adwords.

Earn 12$ for a click

For different keyword, the advertiser pays different amount to Google Adwords, for the category of Law and Legal Firm, Insurance, Health Treatment the amount is too high as compared to other keyword categories. So, you are here to know how to earn 12$ from a single click – it’s so much easy but you have to be cunning about the selection of the topic and more about the keywords in it but don’t forget to make your article content qualitative and simple to understand to a user.

Step 1> Select high CPC keyword topic

One of the famous tool to find the high CPC keyword is GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER which is easy to use and it gives you approximate analysis of the keyword with the maximum bid and CPC for it. If you don’t know how to use Google keyword planner then comment I will make sure that you will become familiar with Keyword planner after reading my reply.

Step 2> Quality content with SEO Guidance

Search engine optimization of your content should be done in the proper way with organic and quality content and this one is the main reason which will make possible for you to earn 12$ from just a single click.

Always try to find new things and give it minimum one day to study and think about it before writing the article on that topic, this will make your article more simple to understood which will directly increase your earning as well as traffic for a website.

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Thanks your valuable information. But I do not know how to use Google keyword planner. I have a blogger only. Below url is a my blogger. At present I do not have any income from adsense. So if you can tell how can I get adsense income of the following my blogger

First of all thank you for comment, and using Google keyword planner is so much easy for that you need to have gmail account then go to google keyword planner official website after login- go to TOOL section there you will find KEYWORD PLANNER option. and search for the keyword you want to know the details of. If you want to know everything in detail then i will write a new article for it.

This is very valuable information. Thanks for that. I have three blogs but still facing issue with the traffic. Please help how to increase my traffic. Thank you.

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