How to delete Facebook messages from friends inbox

Facebook allow its user’s complete access to their own account. Its privacy support is too good and that’s why people love Facebook. But what if you want to delete the message which you had to send to your friends from their account. Yes, deleting messages and conversation on your own account are possible by clicking few button in your inbox setting. But deleting your own messages from other account is not easy. So in this tutorial called “How to delete Facebook messages from friends inbox” we will learn to delete your own messages from your friend or any other Facebook users.

Step 1. Mark the message as Spam or Abuse (in Actions).

Mark the message as Spam or Abuse

Step 2. Delete it from your messages.

Step 3. Disable/deactivate your account.

Step 4. Finally, re-activate your account after few hours.

Hope this will help you, if don’t then we have one final solution is to do such activity on your Facebook account that Facebook will ask you for verification of your account. So, you just have to not verify your account, this will remove your messages from all the Facebook account to whom you send.

Try to share one URL again and again, if possible put any celebrity photo on your account and also change your account name to any celebrity name.

Now Facebook will ask you to verify your account, whenever you try to log in. Now no need to verify your account. So, here your all messages will turn to ” You can’t see contain as the account need to verify” on other Facebook account message inbox.

Hope this will help you, do share this tutorial with your friends. If you need any help then please ask your query in the comment box.

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