Native Android mobile apps with Angular

Native Android mobile apps Angular

More and more Java developers have been coming into contact with front-end development in recent years. For this group of developers, it is only a small step to switch to mobile app development with NativeScript. In this post, we try to clarify the possibilities of native and hybrid app development using NativeScript.

What Is NativeScript {N}?
{N} is an open source framework (under the Apache 2 license) to build native iOS and Android apps, using TypeScript and Angular. {N} is a different technology than the hybrid frameworks, such as Ionic and Phonegap. {N} is a runtime, not a web technology. Your app will not run as a mini website in a WebView and is therefore more efficient. With {N} you have direct access to all the Native APIs of your device.

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For Java programmers, it is interesting to realize that TypeScript (TS) has many similarities to Java. TS is the best way to write {N} apps, whether combined with Angular or not. And, further, writing native code in TS for Android is quite simple, because you can take on a lot of one-to-one in the native Java code (for example: new is valid in both Java and JS/TS. That is just a bit trickier in Objective-C). It is actually very fascinating to see how NativeScript manages to implement all the native constructions with pure JavaScript. From string arrays to interfaces and implementations of abstract classes.

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